November already! The end of the year is getting closer and closer, and so is the period of giving gifts!

No clue what to buy for a Pokémon fan, or just need some inspiration? Keep on reading this post!

Counting down

You don’t need to wait for the actual holidays to start celebrating! Like every year, Pokémon has released some Holiday Advent Calenders.

These products contain 24 little surprises, one for each day untill Christmas if you start on December 1st.

The newest products

Pokémon releases a ton of products every year. The newer the product, the less chance your friend might already have it?

Also keep in mind that all products contain booster packs with random cards. Even if a person already opened a product before, there’s a big chance it’ll contain new random cards they didn’t have before!

Collection Boxes

Below is an overview of the newest collection boxes.


Silver Tempest

Every 3 months a new set with a lot of products focused on this set is released. The latest set is Silver Tempest, which released on November 11. Below is an overview of some Silver Tempest Products.

Best of 2022

Some products releases this year were very popular, people couldn’t get enough of them! So they will certainly make everyone happy!

Gift Boxes

The most fun in our opinion, for both you and the person you’re buying for, is one of our Gift Boxes. These boxes contain a mix of random sealed products, and we promise that you’ll never be disapointed! These boxes also always exceed the amount you paid for them!

Gift Card

As a last option, you can always give a giftcard! Then the person you’re buying for can choose their gift themselves.

Product Type