It’s winter again and the end of the year is approaching and therefore also a period in which one or more gifts need to be found. Finding the perfect gift is not an easy task for many, but with our gift tips below you will certainly be fine!

Let’s count down

Winter also includes Advent calendars! Once again this year, a beautiful advent calendar with Pokémon cards has been released. In addition to this calendar, we also have Pokémon countdown calendars without cards but with nice figures!

The most fun

Many Pokémon products are released every year, but not every product is equally fun and popular. Below you will find some products that have sold extra well in the past year because they contain popular Pokémon or are simply a very good deal.

The very latest

With the latest products there is a greater chance that the person you are buying a gift for does not have them yet, or at least does not have this series completely completed yet. The last series of the year was released on November 3, called Paradox Rift. Below you will find an overview of all Paradox Rift products.

Make it extra exciting

Are you still unsure after our suggestions or do you just want to make it extra fun? Then you can always opt for 1 of our Gift Boxes. These are filled with sealed Pokémon items and absolute value for money!

Let them choose

What you can also do is buy a HiroCards gift card and give it as a gift! This way, the person you give it to can choose their own products.
Gift cards are automatically sent by email immediately after payment. You can print this out and deliver it straight away.

Product Type



Shop at PokéFest

On December 16, HiroCards will organize PokéFest for the first time: the best Pokémon fair in Flanders! Over 30 Pokémon sellers will be present at this fair and you can also participate in various fun activities. This fair is the perfect opportunity to find those last Pokémon Christmas gifts!