The year starts of with a blast for the Pokémon Trading Card Game! On January 20th a special set is releasing: “Crown Zenith”. This set contains a lot of beautiful cards of fan-favourite Pokémon like Charizard, Pikachu, Eevee and it’s evolutions, Mewtwo and many more!


Crown Zenith is a special set

Crown Zenith is a so-called special set. With this we mean that booster packs of this set are only available in special products. There will be no single boosterpacks and booster boxes available of this set.

Previous special sets are Pokémon Go and Shining Fates, if you remember the product range of these sets – the product range for Crown Zenith looks very familiar.

Crown Zenith best cards

Crown Zenith contains a lot of amazing and rare cards. Below you’ll find some of the most popular cards. You can check out this article if you want to view all cards that are in the Crown Zenith expansion.

Crown Zenith product range

Like with other special sets, various products for this set will be released spread out over several months.

January 20

The official release date of Crown Zenith is January 20th, because on that date the first products containing booster packs for this set are being released.

On January 20th the Elite Trainer Box that contains 10 booster packs will hit the shelves, next to 2 V Boxes featuring Regileki & Regidrago V that both contain 4 booster packs.

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Original price was: €22,95.Current price is: €18,95.
Original price was: €22,95.Current price is: €18,95.

February 27

A second wave of products will release a couple weeks later on February 27th.

An amazing box featuring both a beautful Pikachu V & VMAX promo containing 5 booster packs is releasing on this day together with the famous mini tins containing 2 booster packs. The mini tins come in 5 designs this time. Each design features one of the following trainers from the Galar region: Sonia, Marnie, Hop, Leon or Bede.

March 17

A third batch of products will be available on March 17th. This third batch will bring the release of the regular 4-pack tins featuring full art cards of Galarian Articuno, Galarian Zados & Galarian Moltres. Flat tins that are a bit larger and that contain 1 extra pack, so 5 in total, will also be released on this day.

Original price was: €29,95.Current price is: €23,75.
Original price was: €29,95.Current price is: €23,95.
Original price was: €29,95.Current price is: €23,75.

April 14

In the middle of April, 3 different pins will be released. As always, a pin collection will contain 3 booster packs, a pin and a promo card.

Nex to the pins, a large V-UNION Collection Box will be available too on this date. This box contains a V-UNION promo card, 5 booster packs and a playmat featuring Marnie!

Original price was: €44,95.Current price is: €41,95.

May 5

Two final products for Crown Zenith are being released on May 5th. Two premium figure collections featuring either Shiny Zamazenta V or Shiny Zamazenta V will be available. Next to a beautifull full art promotional card, they will also contain a figure, sleeves, a pin and 11 booster packs!